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Philanthropy can take many forms-a charitable gift or bequest, an ongoing relationship with a charitable organization, the sponsorship of an event or organization, or the setting up of a foundation to achieve long-term charitable goals.

These methods all represent different ways of achieving the same goal-enacting a philanthropic vision. Working closely with one's alma mater, a favorite charity, or a beloved institution can be a singularly gratifying experience and a unique way of creating a lasting legacy.

Philanthropy can also be an effective way of managing and transferring wealth, including :
bullet Land or real estate

bullet A business or business interest

bullet Appreciated assets, including stock or stock options with substantial capital gains

Assets and any income they produce may be transferred entirely to a charity or non-profit organization, or may revert to heirs after death. State and Federal regulations encourage charitable giving and the personal and financial rewards of philanthropy can be great for both donors and donees.

At EPIC, we offer a comprehensive charitable planning service. Our wealth and estate specialists are experts at planning a philanthropic program in all its aspects-personal, business, and financial-and they have the in-depth knowledge of federal and tax regulations necessary to help you achieve all your goals.

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