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Financial Planning  Financial Planning

bullet EPIC Comprehensive Financial Plan : (Roadmap to Financial Success)

- Review goals, family, income info (interview)

- Complete questionnaire regarding financial, personal, and risk information

- Prioritize immediate planning issues and which issues will be handled in the future

- Prepare a plan of options for each priority

- Implement the plan using legal, pension, and advisory specialists as appropriate

- Review progress on the roadmap and set time for update

bullet Savings & Retirement Planning :

Non-Qualified Plans
bullet Asset Investment Planning :

Pension Assets
Non-Pension Assets
Stock Market
Real Estate

bullet Retirement Distribution &
Elder Care Planning :

Retirement Income
Long Term Care
bullet Family Survivor Planning :

Wealth Transfer
IRA Wills
bullet Contingency Planning :

Health Insurance
Disability Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Life Insurance