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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit Update

"Employee Benefit Update" is a bi-monthly newsletter featuring articles of national events and concerns in the area of employee benefits specifically for corporate HR departments. Subjects include voluntary benefits, technology, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, human interest, flex administration, long term care, and other regulatory issues.

Critical Illness Coverage

How to Make Decisions about Critical Illness Coverage

How many catastrophic events are you insured against? Do any of these risks have as high as a 4–1 chance of occurring during your lifetime?

Probably not. But are you aware that you have a 4–1 chance of being diagnosed with a catastrophic illness during your life? You can take heart that the miracles of modern medicine offer you an excellent chance of survival. But then what? What is survival like?

Long Term Care

How to Make Decisions about Long Term Care

As you approach the later stages of your life, what do you feel your biggest financial risk may be?

Sixty-nine percent of Americans are worried about how they will finance long term care for themselves and their spouses. By comparison 56% say they are worried about paying for retirement. (A 1997 survey conducted jointly on behalf of the National Council On the Aging and John Hancock).

Family Businesses

How Family Businesses Can Make Effective Decisions about the Future of Their Companies

Once the founder steps away – by choice or not by choice – there are four possible futures for the business he or she leaves behind. The decisions made today – or not made – will determine which one of the four unfolds.

How Family Businesses Can Make Effective Decisions about Executive Benefits Plans

Businesses run by families or a small number of partners may have very different cultures from the Fortune 1000, but they share at least two things in common.
  • Their most important asset is their management team.
  • They compete for the same management talent.
What are the chances of smaller, closely held businesses winning that competition?

Estate Planning

The Estate Planning Process: Are Clients Getting What They Want?

There is no argument that a precisely crafted estate plan that resolves all the tax, financial, and personal issues of wealth transfer is an absolute necessity for affluent executives, professionals and family business owners. But what about the process to get there?


Charitable Lead Trusts

A Charitable Lead Trust pays a fixed income stream to a qualified charity for a set number of years and can provide a client with income or estate tax savings. Includes information on tax deductions and how the trust works.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Overview

This is an excellent overview of life insurance, types of policies, the primary reasons people buy it, and the typical applications.

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